Undocumented student trying to navigate academia. Mostly


Customized my ‪#‎AnimalCrossing‬ town with an Orange County DREAM Team theme.
The gate is always open.

"i need to learn to give up (within reason) on my idea of perfection."
On the power of giving up in school, as a way to keep living with my depression.

Schools need sleeping pods

zombie mode

Something so small.A tiny little step in my journey with depression, and learning to live.Undocunerd life.
I need to learn that even in standardized systems,
it is OK to learn the way i can.

We all know the DREAMer!
You know, the smart, high achieving, PhD bound kid with no papers.
The one that somehow managed to do 50 hours of community service per week during high school and got into every private university in the country after.
The UndocuAmerican with no accent that tries so hard.
You know him!

She’s everywhere!

I’m not that person.

—   I will be utilizing Wordpress as a study tool next semester, and i have hopes it will help me organize in a way i actually care.
Sometimes you have to trick your brain.
Double think :O

Orange County Dream Team Scholarship!

The Orange County Dream Team advocates for the rights of undocumented students, and has been giving out annual scholarships!  
They just released their 2012 guidelines!
I should be studying for my history final, but i’m not.

Imma try n’ get it!
You should too =]